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Johanna Aenderl is an emerging artist in Brooklyn, NY. 

Johanna Aenderl Ryan is an artist working primarily with cyanotype (a.k.a. blueprints/sun prints), monotypes, and weaving. Her work is representational; created with a limited palette and organic/fluid mark making. She uses her artistic practice to reflect upon her relationship with the non-human ("natural") world; using found materials (natural dyes, food scraps) or natural process (sunlight) to create the work.  Her work holds close what is undervalued in our culture: nature, making by hand, ‘women’s work’/the domestic, not buying unnecessary materials.

Johanna grew up in Minnesota. Over a decade ago she moved to New York City and now lives in Brooklyn. Johanna started her artistic path in writing and she has worked for over a decade at human-service nonprofits. She has collaborated on projects with artists in other disciplines; creating art for a local musician, workshops combining weaving and yoga, and images for filmmakers. Johanna completed a Masters in Fine Arts in 2020 and her work has been included in over a dozen group shows throughout the Northeast.

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